Whether you’re in the market for buying or selling property, you’ll need the services of an experienced realtor to help guide you through that important, but often stressful, process. A professional realtor can actually act as your own therapist by offering effective problem-solving ideas to ease your stress. We’re in the top real estate agents Cranton RI area, and we at Gina Howarth Team/RE/MAX will not only give you the facts but provide our expert advice to help your property transaction go as smoothly as possible.

In addition to working directly with clients, a professional realtor does much behind the scenes. They often spend hours researching available real estate to make sure the property is safe and in a desirable location.

Because real estate listings are constantly updated, the realtor needs to frequently check the databases for current available properties and those that recently have been sold.

You often see realtors’ vehicles driving around the neighborhood because no matter how attractive it appears, an online photo doesn’t do justice to a property compared with seeing it “in person.” Competing realtors also have the opportunity to network and discuss the prices of available properties. They may meet at coffee shops or other gathering places to exchange information about their properties in order to find the best possible deals for their respective clients.

Another task, writing offers and counteroffers, often helps the realtor save the client thousands of dollars when buying or bring in a higher profit when selling property. This can be a time-consuming process but well worth it once the deal is closed.

A dedicated agent is also present for the home inspection process. They’ll let you, as the buyer, know what “forks” might be in the road regarding the property. As one of the top real estate agents Cranton RI provides, we’ll notify you of any questionable issues that may affect the property you plan to purchase.

When you’re searching for the most desirable real estate for sale Cranston RI can offer, we at the Gina Howarth Team/RE/MAX will professionally help you find the property of your dreams. If you’re considering placing your property on the real estate for sale Cranston RI database, we’ll use our 3D virtual technology to help potential buyers “walk” through your home from the perspective of various angles, making them feel as if they’re actually strolling through the home itself. The Gina Howarth Team was number one in units and dollar on 2017 in Cranston. Call Gina at 401-419-6838.